What a difference an ace makes

After wasting an impressive seven-run comeback last night once Big Pelf was done vomiting out of his right arm, I did not feel very good about this afternoon’s chances agains Doc Hallady … sadly, my feelings were correct. The only good thing about today’s 11-0 beat down was that I did not have to watch it because I was at work. The Mets had a great opportunity to take an early road series from the Phils, but the well documented differential in aces on these two staffs, not surprisingly, proved to be the difference.

If Pelf shows up to the ballpark and throws like the front end starter he’s supposed to be, the Mets would be heading home for Opening Day with back-to-back road series wins against an NL East rival. Instead, the Phillies sent a strong reminder that they are the team with the big gun at the front of the rotation. They also surprised me with the amount of runs they put up without Chase and D. Brown (this is probably more a result of fake Mets pitching than realness at the plate by the Phils, but either way, I was surprised).

In order for the Mets to remain competitive this season, the pitching staff is going to have to do a much better job. The hitting has been very good (the two bad games at the plate were against two studs in Josh Johnson and Doc Halladay), now it’s time for the arms to start pulling their weight.

Opening Day is tomorrow at Citi Field, and I am confident in America’s favorite No. 3, Mr. R.A. Dickey, to pitch a good game and send the Mets faithful home with a W against the Nats, to match the realness of the free Mr. Met bobblehead doll.

Eat your pizzas and read your American History, people.

— Kevin McJabused by the Phils today

What a difference an ace makes

One thought on “What a difference an ace makes

  1. barronr2@gmail.com says:

    Good stuff, Kev. But I fear if you continue posting after Mets game this blog is going to make The Diary of Anne Frank read like a Judy Blume novel.

    Mets are in a pretty lousy situation with Johan being out and expecting a guy with a career 4.50 ERA to emerge as the #1. It’s only a week in but the Mets don’t display the necessary fundamentals to even compete over the long haul. Phillies win this division by 10 games and hopefully the Mets stay in the mix long enough to keep this swill afloat.

    This day in U.S. History: Kurt Cobain found dead in his home.


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