What a difference an ace makes

After wasting an impressive seven-run comeback last night once Big Pelf was done vomiting out of his right arm, I did not feel very good about this afternoon’s chances agains Doc Hallady … sadly, my feelings were correct. The only good thing about today’s 11-0 beat down was that I did not have to watch it because I was at work. The Mets had a great opportunity to take an early road series from the Phils, but the well documented differential in aces on these two staffs, not surprisingly, proved to be the difference.

If Pelf shows up to the ballpark and throws like the front end starter he’s supposed to be, the Mets would be heading home for Opening Day with back-to-back road series wins against an NL East rival. Instead, the Phillies sent a strong reminder that they are the team with the big gun at the front of the rotation. They also surprised me with the amount of runs they put up without Chase and D. Brown (this is probably more a result of fake Mets pitching than realness at the plate by the Phils, but either way, I was surprised).

In order for the Mets to remain competitive this season, the pitching staff is going to have to do a much better job. The hitting has been very good (the two bad games at the plate were against two studs in Josh Johnson and Doc Halladay), now it’s time for the arms to start pulling their weight.

Opening Day is tomorrow at Citi Field, and I am confident in America’s favorite No. 3, Mr. R.A. Dickey, to pitch a good game and send the Mets faithful home with a W against the Nats, to match the realness of the free Mr. Met bobblehead doll.

Eat your pizzas and read your American History, people.

— Kevin McJabused by the Phils today

What a difference an ace makes

Real > Fake

Hello America/Earth. In order to improve your overall well being, I have decided to join forces with my jambroni brother to rant and rave about all things baseball, with a focus on the beautiful Metropolitans, and a lot of hating on the Phillies. If you read Brian Coug’s post below, you know that my brother’s blog attempts for the MLB season have a very short life expectancy. Thankfully for you and him, I will be providing daily doses of realness to keep this up and running. Whether or not a season-long blog of nonsense from us is a good thing remains to be seen, but there is a strong chance it will vastly improve the quality of life of the people lucky enough to read it.

Mets: This Mets have been on the receiving end of a lot of hate punches over the course of this offseason, but I find myself strangely optimistic about this upcoming season, mainly because I think they have a solid lineup 1-9. Having a healthy Jose Reyes to start the season, along with the return of Carlos Beltran, should shore up a lot of the weak parts of the Mets’ offense that struggled so often last year. These two should provide a boost to the already studly numbers of the First Team All-Real third baseman of the New York Mets, Mr. David Wright. I think Wright is going to have a monster year, and might bring home some MVP hardware. Angel Pagan continues to play at a very high level, and has a chance to put up some big numbers to go along with his 40+ stolen bases (I can see .300 .avg, 25 hr, 80 RBI, and 10+ triples). As long as he avoids the sophomore jinx, I’m going to trust the big Ike Davis that showed a lot of promise at the plate and in the field at first base last season. My biggest question mark in the lineup is what kind of production my Mets will get from Jason Bay. I would like to think that he has to significantly improve from last year (based on his career stats), but he needs to get on the field first before those questions can be answered. If he is anywhere near the 30 bomb, 100 RBI guy he used to be, the Mets should have no problem scoring runs this year.

The biggest obstacle the Mets have to overcome this year will be their starting pitching. Jon Niese looks like a potential stud, but the inconsistency of Big Pelf and the back end of Young and Capuano leaves a lot to be desired. Lacking a true ace with the loss of The Johan is a glaring problem, especially in a division full of dominant starting pitching. My boy R.A. Dickey looks like he will continue to be a solid No. 3 starter for the rotation, and should be able to win from 12 – 15 games. The Mets didn’t lose many games because of their pitching last year, so hopefully the starters can keep them in games and get the ball to the ‘pen, where I think Parnell and Krod should have some success closing out games. (Bring back Izzy!)

Overall, I do not expect this team to win the NL East, but I definitely see how they can compete and win a decent amount of games this year, while possibly contending for a Wild Card spot. (if Johan can get back soon after the All-Star break close to true Johan form). They have already won a road series two months earlier than it took them to accomplish that last year, and they are currently beating up on the Phils, after teeing off on Cole Hamels. Hopefully they get off to a hot start, and ride that momentum into a surprising 2011 season. If not, I will be suffering through a long six months of abuse from Phillies fans and lame Bernie Madoff jokes.

Tune (blog?) in tomorrow for some good ol’ fashion Philly hate that would make my main man George Washington proud (GW hated Philadelphia, thought it was the fakest city he had ever stepped foot in). This blog will be more ridiculous going forward, but I just wanted to throw a brief summary of my thoughts on this Mets team to kick things off

— Kevin McReal

Real > Fake